• Automotive: Vandana Plastic Machineries has worked with the automotive industry for decades.
  • Construction: Vandana Plastic Machineries latest technologies are used to manufacture durable, cost effective parts.
  • Electronics and Telecom: Vandana Plastic Machineries latest technologies help telecom/electronics companies produce superior technical parts.
  • Flexible Packaging Industry: The packaging industry competition is defined by innovative, unique designs that stand out.
  • Food and Beverages: An industry with a focus on lightweight products, increased freshness, shelf life & package design.
  • Aerospace: When there is no room for error, aerospace partners rely on Cimcool quality fluids.
  • Consumer Goods: Simple items that make daily life easier for consumers with an eye to sustainability
  • Medical: The medical market depends on precise manufacturing solutions to meet detailed & exact requirements.