we are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Twin Screw Extruder machine in Ahmedabad, India. Twin Screw Extruder is offered manufactured with high-quality raw materials and latest technology supports that make them deliver fine with high performance in operation of production. The flexibility of our Twin Screw Extruder machine is designed specifically for the formulation being processed. As compared to single screw extruder the twin screw extruder provides you a constant feeding of powder, solid as well as a gentle uniform of plasticizing at low screw speeds which allows for high output result.

pvc twin screw extruder machine

Twin screw extruder technology is used for a wide range of Food & feed products, pipe, Bio-sourced plastic, and chemicals. We also manufacture automatic Twin screw extruder, PVC Pipe twin screw extruder machine of different size according to the specification and needs of our valuable customers. Before dispatching to the clients end our whole machine is tested on a various parameter by our quality expert team to ensure high performance and great flexibility. Moreover, we offer these Screw extruders are available at the affordable price range.

Twin Screw Extruder Working

Vandana plastic machineries Twin Screw Extruder consist of two intermeshing co-rotating screws mounted on the splined shaft in a closed barrel. Our offered Products which consist of wide range of screw and barrel design on various screw profiles and process function that can be set up according to the process requirement. The Twin Screw extruder is highly able to ensure compressing, transporting, mixing, cooking, shearing, heating, cooling, pumping, shaping etc. many more. In the twin Screw extrusion processing of the materials can be solids, powder, granulates, flours, liquids, slurries and possibility gases. The more advantages of this Screw Extruder are their remarkable mixing capability which increases productivity also.

Advantages Of Twin Screw Extruder

Twin Screw Extruder has become more standard over many several industries which offer many features like

  • Increased Productivity: – Due to continuous processing and faster start up and shut down the product changes, quick and very advanced automation.
  • Great Flexibility with the capability to process a wide range of raw materials
  • Simple and easy to maintain and clean
  • High torque and high speed: – Twin screw extruder is high torque, high speed, and high productivity. It is a unique advantage where the twin screw extruder can reach at 500 rev/min so heat sensitive materials with high velocity.
  • High labor efficiency: High labor efficiency means all the parts is handling easily. Twin screw is not just release a few bolts or turns the warm gear box. It repair time is shorten so its reduce labor intensity.
  • It can greatly promote extruder performance

Components used for manufactured Twin Screw Extruder

  • Modular screw parts
  • Modular flanged barrels
  • Screw parts assembled on high torque splined shafts